On religion and social entrepreneurship

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 Don’t talk about religion or politics? …Sorry I want to.

 My last post suggested that social entrepreneurship is equally open to people of all political perspectives. In this post, I want to make a similar point as related to religious belief.

Social entrepreneurship is about helping people in need, and we humans decide what people we want to help. In our social entrepreneurship efforts, we focus on the type of people about which we most care.

Catholic? Baptist? Buddhist? Muslim? There is room for all religions and denominations at the social entrepreneurship table.

Agnostic? Atheist? There is a chair at the table for all, even those who have no religious belief.

The key is doing good. We are the ones who define what “good” is and what people we seek to help.

I assume that all normally functioning humans are interested in doing good and assisting people they value and define as being in need. Social entrepreneurship is an area of study and practice that involves specific, practical, on-the-ground skills – not ideology.

 As I attempt to promote social entrepreneurship activity, I like the fact that social entrepreneurship is to a great extent value neutral. The sole value within this perspective I see is that there is a commitment to assist people we define as being in need.

Social entrepreneurship represents no political position. Nor does it represent any religious position.

– the homeless
– the poor
– abandoned children
– the feeble elderly
– people addicted to alcohol or drugs

The above are categories of people in need that people from any religious or political orientation should care about.

I hope you will work with me to encourage people around us to engage in social entrepreneurship activities – to find new ways to help people in need. Even if you and I may differ in religious or political orientations, it seems that we can stand side by side in encouraging others to become socially involved through worthy projects to help people in need.

Thank you for reading my small blog.

Best wishes. – Keith



  • Peacewaterservices

    I enjoyed this article and your blog which I’ve ‘stumbled’ on.  It is very interesting that the categories you have highlighted as those needing help is very similar to that of James 1:27 – helping widows and orphans.  Christianity says love and faith works itself out in helping others.

    • keith campbell

      Thank you for your comment. I believe that the religious orientations that encourage helping people in need are incubators for social entrepreneurs. I am most familiar with Protestantism, and I believe many Protestant denominations have a strong social entrepreneurship socialization inherent within the belief system. This is a wonderful thing. – Keith