Free social entrepreneurship training for anyone, anywhere in the world: Starts March 26

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Hello, colleagues. The days go by, and our world changes ever more quickly. Sometimes, I feel dragged by the change.  

Although most change I experience is way beyond my sphere of influence (thus I feel dragged along wherever we as a world are headed), it is humans who create most of the changes we experience. Thus, you and I have the opportunity to be change creators, to shape our world.

I guess that is part of what this blog is about, encouraging people to step forward to start projects to help others in need. When we start a small project to help others, we are making a big difference in the lives of a few people and a small difference in our world. When many people start small projects, we have the potential to make a big difference in our world.

Last October, I taught my first free course on social entrepreneurship for anyone in the world. My course was a part of a fairly new educational movement focused on providing free worldwide training. These courses are called MOOCs (Massive, Open, Online Courses). The very creation of these courses is an example of social entrepreneurship – bringing free online education to anyone in the world.

My first course had 844 participants representing 54 nations. By MOOC standards, this was not a big enrollment, but I was pleased. What really attracted my attention was the 54 nations represented. This is more than 25% of the nations of the world.

My university has given me permission to teach this free course again, and the start date is March 26.

This MOOC allows interaction with other students from around the world, as well as the opportunity to ask me questions about social entrepreneurship issues. The purpose of the course is to help participants build their skills to start successful social entrepreneurship projects.

Would you please help spread the word about this course?

Here is the address to a web site that has more information, as well as a link to register: 

Thanks for any help you can provide, and thank you for reading my small blog.

Best wishes. – Keith

  • Efrutik

    Greetings Dr. Campbell! I am more than thrilled to be enrolled in your upcoming course. As a soon to be Peace Corps volunteer (with a nomination pending an invitation to serve) I feel it is imperative for me personally to gain practical experience in understanding and trying to implement social entrepreneurship ideas before going into my community wherever it might be. I can’t thank you enough and express how grateful i am that you will be teaching this course free of charge and with the genuine compassion and dedication for what this course is about. Your sentiments are definitely felt. Thank you and I look forward to beginning this course with you.