Matching volunteer proposal writers with nonprofits

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For 10 years I have had a dream of matching volunteer proposal writers with nonprofits that could not afford to hire a proposal writer. Cindy, in your comment to my August 21, 2011 post, “Getting stuck and unstuck as a beginning social entrepreneur,” you have reignited this dream.

Some friends of mine, who reviewed proposals in Washington, DC with me and saw poorly written proposals about extremely compelling issues, shared this dream. We sipped a beer or two in the evening in a DC bar wondering if there was a way to be this match maker.

In the last year, I have worked with two committees trying to determine a simple structure for this matching, but we found none. When I started this blog, I wondered if somehow this might be the context through which matching might occur.

This is just a quick post to say to Cindy, “Yes, my friend, please feel free to use this blog site to solicit a volunteer proposal writer for your new nonprofit, The Respite.

Proposal writers, please feel free to make initial contact with Cindy through this site if you are willing to consider writing a free proposal for her.

If this site becomes clogged with solicitations for volunteer proposal writers, we’ll figure out a better system. For now, I’m pretty darned excited about what is happening.

Thanks, Cindy!

  • Cindy

    I can only express my gratitude for your openness to my post by telling you that I had tears of joy when I read it. I believe that we are here to co-create a better world with each other, and in this simple transaction that process has begun. I was so happy to hear that my request has reignited your “matching- making” dream.

    In the next month The Respite will be finalizing our vision statement and business plan. We have filed for our 501c3 status and are in the waiting period to get our official notification. As soon as our website goes live I will post it here. We would be tremendously grateful to have a volunteer grant writer and would be more than happy to talk with anyone who is interested in doing this for us.

    Thank you, again, for helping to facilitate this process!!

  • Amanda

    Keith: Thank you for posting this great idea – I’m a little behind, sorry! I hope this blog does indeed serve as a perfect place for volunteer proposal writers and non-profits to connect.

    Cindy: Congratulations on starting your non-profit organization! I took FHSU’s Online Grant Proposal Writing Certification with Keith last November before I started my current job at a non-profit organization in San Francisco as a Case Manager/Employment Specialist. Although I am not specifically assigned to write grant proposals, I am involved in representing the agency at outside meetings and writing up reports and other documents regarding our programs and services. That said, I have actually been seeking an opportunity to gain more experience writing proposals so that I can make use of what I learned in Keith’s class, but many non-profits are only interested in experienced writers. Perhaps you are looking for an experienced writer as well, but I would love the opportunity to try. Feel free to email me at if you are interested.

    Thank you to both of you!

  • Amanda Kay Duckett

    Dr. Campbell,

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts and pointers on getting involved as a volunteer peer grant reviewer.  I’ve seen a few opportunities recently here in Sedgwick County and have submitted my resumé for those but haven’t had much luck thus far.  I currently write proposals for my employer (a for-profit in the human services field) and I’d really like to see what kinds of grant proposals are being submitted out there and, at the same time, lend my expertise in that field to evaluating various proposals.  It would also be beneficial as I could glean some ideas for what seems to be effective.  Do you have any suggestions for where to look for these opportunities and how to best sell yourself for that kind of position?  Or, from your experience, are there any important points I should know before venturing into that kind of a responsibility?

    I took your grant writing certification course (Fall of ’09) to enhance my understanding of proposal writing, mainly for the purposes of my for-profit employer however, I would be interested in trying my hand at writing a proposal for a non-profit.  It would be a great learning experience for me.  So, if anyone on this blog is looking for someone to assist, I’d be willing to explore the opportunity in further discussions.  I can be contacted at:

    • Yeshitila Araya

      Ms. Duckett,

      Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA) is a newly formed 501(C)3
      organization is in desperate need of a volunteer grant/ proposal writer. I will be glad to explore with you about woking together if you would call me at ( 410 )
      917-6182 any time.

      I can also be contacted at:

  • Miss Jay

    I need assistance writing a proposal for my golf association.

  • Mémé Watanabe

    BHUTAN NGO. Do you…love children, helping, volunteer work? I’m helping an NGO in Bhutan to look for a volunteer to work from home and help send proposals out to get funding for an amazing vocational centre for children with disabilities. I visited the centre last year and met many happy children. This is the only centre of this kind helping children with disabilities in Bhutan. They’re in desperate need of funding to continue.This is a wonderful opportunity to make a connection with a beautiful country in the Himalayas steeped in tradition and Buddhism. It’s like stepping back in time. Please email me for more details.

  • Jonas January

    Hello i am looking a volunteer who can assist our organization writing youth development and education and youth proposals,

  • Donna Dodge

    Do you think I would stand a chance of finding someone to write a grant for an animal rescue woman? She lives in Alabama in Bibb County. Their pound is a kill shelter and not humane at all. People in her county treat dogs horribly and throw them away like most people throw away trash. This woman single-handedly goes to the pound over and over and over to get the poor dogs out of there and find them fosters and adoptive homes. She has a few people who donate fairly regularly to help her purchase food and medicines and injections but she’s always panicking that there is no money to save these poor babies. This pound is extremely hot in the summer time with no ventilation or fans. These dogs live in concrete enclosure and are suffering. She is looking for a grant to build (with her own hands) a shelter to house the overflow of animals that haven’t found fosters or homes yet (she fosters so many of them all on her own) and this shelter would have ventilation and air conditioning. I told her I would try very hard to find her either a free grant writer or at least a grant writer who wouldn’t charge her very much money as she just does not have it. I am coming up empty. Do you think anyone there could help us out?

  • Julie Rodriguez-Walker

    I don’t know if this would be of any interest, but I am a college student in Utah looking to volunteer one semester to grant/proposal writing for an NGO. Local would be nice, but I am happy to work remotely. I would be working directly with my professor, Dr. Ethan Sproat, and there would be no charge for my services as I need this for my class requirements.
    If you are interested, I would need to get started on it immediately. Please contact me with your organization’s details and needs. Thanks!!
    Julie Rodriguez-Walker
    Utah Valley University